Friday, January 27, 2012

Mag 7 Trails

I haven't posted much on the blog lately and even missed a posting of our St. George/Vegas trip from two weeks ago. I will have to post some pics of that soon. Anyways I got out to Moab this week on Thursday with Shawn Gregory to do some new and old routes strung together referred to as the Mag 7 trails. We decided to make it a big loop which included a bunch of pavement. Good junk miles. We parked at HWY 313 and HWY 191 north of Moab and rode the pavement up 11 miles on 313 to Gemini Bridges road where we descended for a short distance and took a right turn on Bull Canyon Trail. This is where the Mag 7 starts. It is signed extremely well with no worry of getting lost at all. Bull Canyon, Arths, Little Canyon, Gold Bar, Blue Dot (gnarly) and down the Portal (extremely gnarly, you can die here). Than it is a not so quick ride back to 313 via Potash Road and the bike path to the truck. 44.3 miles and 4500 feet of climbing in 5 hours. What a great loop. The snow was minimal and we even saw a porcupine which was odd to me in Moab in the lower desert climate. I would expect them up in the La Sal's up high but not that low. A first for me in all of my time spent in Moab and that's a lot of fucking time! He was running across the snow on the Bull Canyon Trail. Awesome.
If you can get out and do the Mag 7 loop, you will not be disappointed.. I even have the GPS track if you need it. It has some sweet stuff to keep you smiling. Also checkout for info and GPS track.

Watch this video of some crazies riding most of the Portal Trail. Pucker up buttercup!!

The Selma Ti loving the views. New brakes worked flawless. I even cut the lines and bled myself. Shade Tree bike mechanic at its best.

Shawn having some fun.

Mr. Porcupine. He scrambled into the tree quickly.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fat Biking on the White Rim (in a day)

White Rim in a day........100.7 miles, 7k of climbing, 10.5 hours total pushing the fat bikes around a big circle. Kokopelli Team members, Shawn Gregory, Kiviok Hight, Paul Adams and I along with fellow Rico rider Dan Holmes navigated the White Rim clockwise starting near the top of the Mineral Bottom climb. What a blast it was. Packed red dirt and some snow to make it interesting.