Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lockhart Basin Riding

New terrain was had this past weekend. Lockhart Basin Road from Utah state hwy 211 in the Indian Creek Rec area camping at Hamburger Rock Campground. I had a great ride with Pete Eschallier and Paul Adams. We rode 70 miles with 5,039 feet of climbing on Sunday. The original plan was to ride to Moab and back but that was not happening with how long it would have taken. It was slower going than we had anticipated, and we were putting it down. I was tired. We turned back at mile 35 which was a great call or we would have been riding back late into the night. A great adventure still to check out new terrain. I'll be back!

Hamburger Rock campground. 

Sunrise on our start.

Outstanding views all day!

Paul and Pete discussing our options.

Chicken Corner down in the lowland.

Somebody lost their camper!

Water in Indian Creek.

Paul's and Pete's rigs.

Got in another ride on Monday with Paul to the Colorado River overlook in the park and connected some jeep roads back to camp. 27 miles. Awesome terrain out there in that area of Hamburger Rock. Great camping to boot.


Two Pauls! LOL!!  Fun pano pics.

some sand

Cool finding a pictograph.

Obsidian chunks.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Turkey Week Vacation

Laura and I were able to take a complete week off and head to Arizona. The weather was ideal. We spent 4 nights at McDowell Park and 4 nights camped near Bumble Bee to ride the Black Canyon Trail. We spent Thanksgiving Day riding and enjoying an awesome meal Laura made for us. It was beyond perfect. Thank you Laura! It was hard to come back to the snow and cold.

Enjoy the pictures!

1st night stop to sleep outside Payson, AZ.

McDowell Park RV site. 

Hanging out at the 12 hour Race at McDowell with Deanna.

Shawn Gregory.

Pizza time with Shawn on our ride over to Browns Ranch from McDowell.

Shawn and I ran into our spouses in Browns ranch. 

Big air! LOL!!

Tonto National Forest. Doesn't look right with a cactus.

Shawn and I on a new connector trail up to Sunrise.

Bumble Bee camp.

Agua Fria river.

Turkey dinner.

Miller time!

Cool rocks everywhere.


Laura on the Skyline section of the BCT.

Poor cactus.

Great pie here. We got a blackberry pie.

Runnign water and operable windbill. 

Odd sign by the river. I didn't see any owls. 

Nacho in the river.

Agua Fria river near camp.

Heading out!!