Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rico 50/100 2015

I had to go back up to Rico to take care of the house as we have a lease in place with a purchase option as well for the new tenants. Laura and I are excited to have the house occupied before winter sets in. And by chance the Rico 50/100 was scheduled. I wanted to ride the 100 course but I had priorities to ready the house for the tenants. I opted for the 50 miler. Good choice. The weather was cool in the morning at 34 degrees. The ride up the highway and up Barlow creek road warmed things up nicely. I settled into a pace that would get me through to the end. I walked some portions of Barlow. The single speed gearing of 32x22 was good. Maybe a 30 tooth in the front next time. I was the only single speeder this year as well. About half way up Barlow I was alone. It was peaceful out up there near Hermosa peak. I made my way up to Black Hawk pass seeing Dan Holmes and Chris just about to crest the pass. I yelled a few choice words at them and they dropped off the other side never to be seen again.  After passing Orphan Butte I made my way to the Cape of no hope. Down grindstone at 11:50am and made it to the end at Bear Creek Trail head 1:30. That is a hard section. It trends downhill but you earn every mile......overgrown with baby aspens that whip the shit out of you. What a great ride. A great crew this year.

Moose in the Barlow Lake area. 9 years in Rico and I have never seen a moose. So cool!

Rico 50/100 Results are in from our man on the ground - Chase Wesley! I'll work with Chase, David Ochs and Eric Cheever next year to try to get the Rico, CB, and Dolores events on back to back to back weekends instead of head to head as Rico and CBC did this year. Perhaps we can make the inaugural COES Endurance Quadruple Crown with Vapor Trail, Rico, Crested Butte, and then finish off in Dolores...all on consecutive weekends. September is the best month of the year and well today is September 21 - and according to Earth, Wind and Fire, the best DAY of the year.
From out man Chase: 2015 is done and was fun!!! Freezing morning temps with frozen water ponds up in the morning to a perfect blue bird day on the CT and the Rico Mountains. This race is not for the faint of heart and is by far one of the toughest races in the series! Results are as follows 100 milers (crazy ass folks... don't believe us, ask Jeff)
All 100 milers finished after dark.
Michael Grejda - 13:40
Paul Berry - 14:00
Dana Ernst - 14:20
Dan Holmes - 14:23
50 milers
Terry Gorsuch - 6:36
Chris Howe - 6:54
Jeff Hemperley - 7:29 (1st SS)
Mark Carl - 8:30
Peter Temper - 8:42
Paul Adams - 8:57
Ashley Carelock - 8:57 (1st women)
Terry Sims - 9:46
Sandra Heines - 9:48 (2nd women)
Tina Godsiak - 9:48 (2nd women)
Dylan Schwindt - 10:45
DNF but one hell of an effort
Rex Roubichaux - Rico to Durango via hotel draw and possibly hermosa creek?? (my edit - Say What.......?)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Trail Running

R2R2R is nearing. The training continues.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Barfly Bags

I received my new Barflay Bags frame bag for my 29er. El Freako colors no less! I added my own touch as well. Sweet. Thanks Barfly!

Labor Day

Finally got back up to Rico to visit the house and ride. The weather wasn't that great (go figure) but I did get out for a ten mile run and a ride over Blackhawk with Paul and Dan.  We also ran into Jimbo, Ashley and Ben. We all hung out for a bit and had some laughs.

I'll be back up for the Rico 50 on the 19th.