Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another High Country Ride

The Purgatory endurance race was happening today. I didn't race it but decided to ride from Rico up Scotch Creek and down to the Hermosa trail head to watch the racers come through and cheer on Matt and Shawn. I arrived too early and the weather wasn't looking favorable so I decided to climb back up and the rain gods unleashed a fury of rain for nearly an hour on me. I was a red colored muddy mess by the time I arrived back in Rico. 33 miles and 3340 feet of climbing on the Airborne single. Despite the mud and cold I still had a great ride.

I had to cross this creek twice. The feet were pretty cold on my way back up to Scotch Creek road.

High Country-Scotch Creek/CT to Salt Creek

Had a great ride again on Friday. The weather was perfect. I rode from Rico to Scotch Creek, up to the Colorado Trail, and over to Salt Creek and descended back to highway 145 and back to Rico. 3k of climbing with 27 miles.

Atop the climb up Scotch Creek. Looking toward the Durango side of the hill.

The Colorado Trail.

A few trees down at the entrance of Salt Creek.

Amazing how the aspens are so thick in this area of Salt Creek.

High Country Riding-Groundstock Trail

Went and rode Groundstock Trail after work on Wednesday. The meadows are pretty muddy still at 10,500 feet elevation. Great 14.5 mile loop starting from the Lizard Head parking area and riding back up 145 after descending Dunton Road.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Funny Cartoon

Claudia had sent this to me last week and I saw it as well on Nina Baum's blog. Pretty damn funny.


The Jabberwocky now is set up with white Soma Fabrication Clarence bars; same style as the Mary bars that were on it previously.

Stoner Mesa

Went over to the West Fork and rode Stoner Mesa on Friday. As the turkey flies it is within close proximity of Rico but just have never ridden it for whatever reason. I could actually start in Rico and ride up and connect to it. The total loop is 29 miles. 8 miles of climbing on a good graded fire road, 13 miles of single track and another 8 miles of pavement back to the truck. A total of 2580 feet of climbing. It took me a total of 3 hours to ride it including stops to hurl trees and I had some slippage on the rear wheel for whatever reason and had to tighten the rear skewer a few times. The trail hasn't been cleared by the Forest Service yet as I had to climb over about 20 trees. The trail is in rough condition presently but will get more buffed out with more use.
The start of the 13 miles of single track after climbing 8 miles and 1800 feet up a graded road.

My camera must have had some condensation from being in my back pocket. IT looks like I'm out in the fog but was actually clear.

The West Dolores River at the bottom of the single track. Now just 8 miles of pavement to the the truck.

Friday, June 12, 2009

New Wheelsets

The Vassago Jabberwocky got some new hoops this past week. Stan's Arch rims and Stan's ZTR hubs. Pretty nice in white.

Laura's Titus Racer X also received some new wheels. The Stan's ZTR Olympics with ZTR hubs. Looks sweet on the Titus.

June Weather is Crappy

The weather sure has been crappy around here for the past few weeks. Nothing but gloomy cloudy weather and lots of rain mixed with some snow. Ever since I rode the death loop I have been on some shorter rides for recovery. The legs were feeling the big rides I have done in the last month and a half.

Last Sunday Shawn and I attempted a high country ride but had to turn around at Hermosa Peak after climbing up Barlow Road. Plenty of snow up there still. Today I may go a bit further South and ride some high country such as Bear Creek.
Shawn looking happy to be out on his bike despite the cold snowy weather we started out in.

The gnarly climb up Barlow isn't a friendly climb on our singles. Shawn's 22 tooth on the back of his rig sure helped out.

Hermosa Peak.

Lot's of snow at 11k.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday Commute

I decided that this morning was to be my first time to commute to work this year. The temps are in the mid 30's in the morning so I don't have an excuse it's too cold. If it's above freezing it' good. Took off from the house at 4.50 am and arrived at my job site at 6.45am. Rode the single speed cross bike and the legs felt tired. Pedaling a 42x17 gear ratio. On the way home they really felt tired. Maybe from the Death Ride mileage and the fact that I have to climb over Lizard Head Pass to get to work which is at 10,000 feet elevation. Maybe!!??? So not a bad commute going both directions, almost 60 miles and 5k+ of climbing going and coming back from work. A long day for sure. I did see some Elk and an Elk cow and her little calf.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Just out for a Ride

Went for a short hard effort tonight after work to catch up with my wife Laura, and her sister Sophia. The locals loop as we call it here in Rico is a great ride. After the Death Ride this was just the call. Some good hard climbing and some fun downhill too. Laura bought me a new camera for my birthday last week called the Bean; a small lightweight durable waterproof camera to carry on my bike rides. I tried it out tonight and it seemed to work very well. Just 5 mega pixels but it does the job just fine.

Sophia and Laura having fun on the locals loop.

Silver Creek. Rico's drinking water source.

The Vassago Jabberwocky having fun on the trails.

Laura giving Sophia's dog, Moki some water.

Me having fun!