Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another High Country Ride

The Purgatory endurance race was happening today. I didn't race it but decided to ride from Rico up Scotch Creek and down to the Hermosa trail head to watch the racers come through and cheer on Matt and Shawn. I arrived too early and the weather wasn't looking favorable so I decided to climb back up and the rain gods unleashed a fury of rain for nearly an hour on me. I was a red colored muddy mess by the time I arrived back in Rico. 33 miles and 3340 feet of climbing on the Airborne single. Despite the mud and cold I still had a great ride.

I had to cross this creek twice. The feet were pretty cold on my way back up to Scotch Creek road.

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Matt said...

You should move back to Vegas.....all of this green high country must suck!