Friday, June 12, 2009

June Weather is Crappy

The weather sure has been crappy around here for the past few weeks. Nothing but gloomy cloudy weather and lots of rain mixed with some snow. Ever since I rode the death loop I have been on some shorter rides for recovery. The legs were feeling the big rides I have done in the last month and a half.

Last Sunday Shawn and I attempted a high country ride but had to turn around at Hermosa Peak after climbing up Barlow Road. Plenty of snow up there still. Today I may go a bit further South and ride some high country such as Bear Creek.
Shawn looking happy to be out on his bike despite the cold snowy weather we started out in.

The gnarly climb up Barlow isn't a friendly climb on our singles. Shawn's 22 tooth on the back of his rig sure helped out.

Hermosa Peak.

Lot's of snow at 11k.

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