Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Laura's 40th B-Day Trip to Sedona

Took Laura on a surprise 40th b-day trip this past weekend to Sedona. It was awesome. She enjoyed herself very much. What more could you ask for; the best mountain biking, great sushi, family and friends. I will post pics later.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Family Time in New Mexico

Went out to Grants, New Mexico this past weekend to visit my Dad; who was back in the states visiting from Iraq. It was great to see my aunts,. my uncle and of course my dear grandpa. Did some riding on the road up towards Mt. Taylor on Saturday morning and Jerry and I hit some sweet single track on Sunday in the McGaffey Lake area. It was a chance to get my first tracks on the new 29er Vassago frame. It rode great. I was also able to hit Phil's World in Cortez on Sunday night on my way back to Rico. It was a weekend full of fun.

Jerry putting the hurt on himself riding his 29er Surly single.

What the hell is that varmit?????


Me showing Jerry how to roll a log.

Jerry looking cool over the log.

McGaffey Lake.

Grandpa's house in Grants. Built around 1955.

A new friend of mine that ran behind me on the way to Mt. Taylor. He knocked out around 6 miles on the climb. Cool dog.

Grandpa enjoying two of Aunt Sheri's dogs.

My Dad, Uncle Skip and my aunt Billie enjoying some talking time.

Jerry and Dad having fun.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday-Easter Day Apparently

After the fiasco of going to Gallup and driving back without being able to race the 12 hours I had planned due to the weather I was able to get out on Sunday and do something. I went out and ran 5 miles in the 30 degree weather with a head wind of 25+ mph on the way back up from Scotch Creek. Than I rode from Rico to Cortez with some elements of rain, snow and wind. Not so bad of a day. Better than being stuck inside.

On the run.

Frosty morning after some snow overnight.

Look at my cool kit!!!

Shawn Gregory's business in Cortez.

Back roads of Cortez.

Awesome day all be it the high winds.

I thought I lost my Indian artifact somewhere!!!

The cool-ass SS cross bike.

Vapor Trail Roster

The Vapor Trail 125 Race roster is listed. Game on folks!!!


12 Hours at Dawn to Dusk-NOT!!!!!

Well, mother nature has ruled a second weekend in a row for me and doomed at an attempt to race. With heavy wet snow falling overnight in Gallup the trail system was too muddy to ride. This would have been my 5th year in a row doing the race. A bunch of us got the heck out of there while some people lingered to see what may happen for a later start time. Last I heard from Dan Durland it was an 11am attempt but also heard it was doomed to even go. No reason to tear up the trails with 400 people. The road out of the venue was gnarly for sure and my Tacoma and our little trailer barely made it out. It was a mud bog getting worse.
The drive back through the rez was nice until I hit the four corners area. Rico was getting dumped on and it didn't stop all day. We probably received a total of 10-12 inches of heavy wet snow.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Vassago Jabberwocky

Received the new Vassago frame yesterday and put the parts off of the Voodoo on it. She looks great!!!! The Voodoo replacement frame was sold on eBay and shipped off to New York. I hope the fellow has good luck with it. The one downfall on the Jabberwocky is that it only comes with one mount for the bottle cage. I wish I would have caught that before hand and had them add another on the down tube. Oh well. I'm excited to get on it and pedal. I'm off to Gallup for the 12 hour race.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


The WRIAD didn't work out as planned. The weather took a turn for the worse and I awoke at Horse thief Campground to find it had snowed quite a bit. So after some breakfast at the Moab Diner, Stephen Barnes, Shawn and I decided to ride Slickrock. Planned it perfect as it started to dump snow as soon as we finished up the ride. It was unfortunate for Dan from Boulder and his Primal Quest partner, Stacey, from Golden had made the drive to Moab to ride this as a training ride.

The dust cloud outside of Dove Creek on Friday evening as I head to Moab.

Saturday morning at 6am. SNOW!!! Dangit.

Highway 313 at Mineral Bottom Road.

Mineral Bottom Road parking area. Looks like some folks were out on the White Rim for a multi day trip. They were probably miserable out there.

The Colorado River.

Shawn stopping for a peek at the views.

Moab from above on Slickrock trail.

Stephen all happy after he rode and ran on Slickrock. Here comes more snow.