Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays and a New Van!

Happy Holidays to everybody!!
2013 is almost gone and 2014 is upon us. It was a good year on the bike as far as accomplishments go. The biggest one for me; completing the Colorado Trail Race. That was a biggie! 562 miles self supported. I still think of that ride often, breaking down different segments in my head revisiting moments of that race. I met some incredibly great people. So awesome of an experience. I want to do it again but there are other rides to complete as well. The Arizona Trail Race being one of them. The 300 mile version. I have some time still. The 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo is fast approaching and I need to get some riding done and than ponder what is next.

So, Laura and I sold two of our cars including the Freako van and purchased a Chevy Express AWD van. Where we live it just makes sense to ave an AWD van. And this one has more horses to pull the camper as well. We bought used rather than new. It is hard to find a used one and we have been looking for awhile now and found one this past week in Denver. We sold the subbie on Sunday morning and with cash in hand drove to Denver Monday morning to trade in our van and drive the new van home. It seems in near mint condition.

2009 Chevy Express AWD. Here are some pics.

Monday, December 9, 2013


I haven't done any real back country in the past two years except above the house in the big avalanche chute (dumb by yourself).

I got out yesterday with a few Rico peeps Dan, John and Mike. These guys are back country savvy and I was a bit hesitant to go up where we did. People die in the back country. I trusted these guys. Safety first. Beacons and all.

I sold my tele setup last year so Dan had been talking up his split board set up so I was game to try it. We skinned up for nearly three hours and than it was time to put the split board to the test of boarding deep ass powder. The board is a 166 and I could have used a bigger board. The powder was so deep! I took a couple of diggers and it was tough work digging  myself out of 3 plus feet of powder. Overall a great setup with a split board. My Northwave Vintage board boots were perfect for skinning on the split board.

Almost a 4 hour tour. It would have been faster if the guys didn't have to wait for me to dig myself out a few times. I definitely got powder schooled. The deepest powder I have boarded in for sure. Thanks guys!

Skinning up in the pow taking turns breaking trail. 

The last turns of the day. 

Side Project

I have been speaking of creating my own version of a race team for a few years. Even though it may just be me, myself and I for the most part that consist of my racing team. It's a side project as my primary sponsor is Kokopelli Bike and Board. Those guys rock. I cannot thank them enough for what they do for our team. When it comes down to it maybe it is ego thing (nah) or simple self promotion. I tend to be that way.......just ask my wife and close friends. I can get tunnel vision. LOL!! But in the end you only live once and you have to have fun. If you're not having fun than what's the use. Right??? Right!!! Ride on!!!!

Ok. My new side project is 'El Freako Racing'! Yep, self promotion!!!! Hard guess eh!

I wanted a clean simple kit design and I think I have achieved that. It also allows to interchange with the current Kokopelli Bike kits. I really like orange and black. A logo will be added in the future. I had one almost done by my bro-in-law but have changed direction of what it will be. Laura had a great idea of a Freako logo. That will be added to the kits in the future.

Take a peek.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Back to Reality

It was a fantastic trip over the holiday to Arizona and we were abruptly brought back to reality with a good pounding of snow (2 feet or so) along with an arctic cold that's here to stay for awhile.

Last weekend in AZ!

On Wednesday after Thanksgiving!! I'm going back to the desert!

Embrace the cold with a fatty ride on Hwy 145 heading to Lizard Head Pass. About 16 degrees at 3.30 pm.

Keeping warm with Endura knickers over my Kokopelli knickers. Woolie Boolie socks and Spez winter shoes with Gator covers. Need better shoe covers.

WTF am I doing out here!! LOL!!!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Trip 2013

The Thanksgiving holiday weekend was spent down at McDowell Park in Arizona. It was a great long weekend of riding and soaking in the sun. If you have never ridden down there it's a must. Lots of riding in McDowell and nearby Browns Ranch. Enjoy the pics! 

Cave Creek's very own Flat Iron Bike Shop owner, Kosmo.

A great ride with Shawn Gregory...60 miles.

Rex was down in AZ as well and saw him out on the road bike when Shawn and I were making our way to Cave Creek.

The camp spot.

Awesome desert.

Sunset's were amazing.

Shawn Gregory's backyard where we enjoyed some late night fires.

Horse damage. Really!!

Laura on the Krampus.

Laura posing with the biggie.

Balanced Rock in Browns Ranch.