Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays and a New Van!

Happy Holidays to everybody!!
2013 is almost gone and 2014 is upon us. It was a good year on the bike as far as accomplishments go. The biggest one for me; completing the Colorado Trail Race. That was a biggie! 562 miles self supported. I still think of that ride often, breaking down different segments in my head revisiting moments of that race. I met some incredibly great people. So awesome of an experience. I want to do it again but there are other rides to complete as well. The Arizona Trail Race being one of them. The 300 mile version. I have some time still. The 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo is fast approaching and I need to get some riding done and than ponder what is next.

So, Laura and I sold two of our cars including the Freako van and purchased a Chevy Express AWD van. Where we live it just makes sense to ave an AWD van. And this one has more horses to pull the camper as well. We bought used rather than new. It is hard to find a used one and we have been looking for awhile now and found one this past week in Denver. We sold the subbie on Sunday morning and with cash in hand drove to Denver Monday morning to trade in our van and drive the new van home. It seems in near mint condition.

2009 Chevy Express AWD. Here are some pics.

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TonyD said...

Jeff, I'm looking for some input on the Mukluk you raced last year at the Durango Dirty Century. I'm heading down to AZT300 in the spring and I'm considering this bike for my ride. First, what size did you ride? Second, why did you go with a different fat bike this year? After a year on that bike do you have any advice before I pull the trigger?