Friday, November 14, 2014

Moab Trail Marathon

Wow, what a course the organizers of the Moab Trail Marathon have put together. I knew it would be hard but wow it packed a good punch.

I followed a marathon trail training program keeping as close to the mileage as I could while mixing in my biking into the mix. My longest run while training was 18 miles at Phil's World where it is made for biking and not running. Sacrifices.

November 8th came fast and my start time for my wave (3rd) was at 8.44 am. Laura's start time was at 8.58 am for her half marathon. My best guess to finish was in the top 50% so you picked a wave that best suited your time.

The first four miles up Pritchett Canyon is a rubble field with a slight grade to the top. The runners quickly spread out as I passed a boat load of slow peeps with all of us marathoners and half marathoners mixed in together. It was hard to pace with another runner as you didn't know who was doing what distance. The number plates with distance distinction was on the front of the runners. When we made our way down the rocky single track turning off at Kane Creek road at about mile 10, than you knew who was in your group. We ran down Kane Creek Road for a few miles making a left turn into Hunter Canyon where we ran an out and back punching our race bibs with a punch hanging on a tree. Just to keep you honest. The trail was in a creek drain so the out and back was logged jammed with other runners. Once out of Hunter Canyon we made our way down Kane Creek Road before taking a left turn into a flat area running through tall weeds and scraggly trees. Not a defined or well used trail. We than proceeded to ascend our 2nd biggest climb of the day going two miles up through a gnarly rock strewn double track. It was obviously not used at all.

The death march!

The view at mile 16. 

Once on top it was a down hill sorta cruise to the next aid station. But before I could reach the third aid station I was greeted with cramps in my inside thighs. Damn. I stopped, downed some therma-tabs and started drinking more water. I rock scrambled and hobbled to the aid station loading up on fluids and electrolytes and filled up my bladder. I had about 9 miles to go yet and needed to rectify my cramping. Besides the cramping I was feeling pretty good. The next section of single track slickrock was pretty hard on the body. Up and down and all around it was. True Moab bike trail building. It seemed like an eternity to get to the next aid station at mile 21. Only 5 ugly miles to go with a big downhill on Jackson Trail and a 5k adventure course to complete. I could see the finish line and hear the loudspeaker from far away. And it was far away!!!

I fueled up again preparing for the downhill slog toward the finish line area where the 5k adventure course awaited. I came to the last aid station downing liquids and gels and headed out to finish off the last three miles. The last three miles consists of ladders, ropes and a culvert to scramble under neath. It was pretty neat but it got hot out there on the slickrock.

I finally made my way back toward the finish line scrambling up a dirt hill where my legs were just dundo. People were rooting you on and my legs were cramping bad...I made it up crawling in the sand and ran to the finish banner. Damn I was done!!!! 5 hours 23 minutes and 47 seconds. When can I sign up for the next one??? LOL!!!!

Equipment used:
Altra Olympus trail shoes
Osprey Rev 1.5 pack
Northface running shorts

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


The bike racing season has come to an end for me but I (we) have one event left to conquer; The Moab Trail Marathon this weekend. Yep, a running race. Laura is competing in the half and I went for the full meal deal. I'm shooting for 5 hours or so. It's a hard route so just to finish will be an accomplishment. It's good to mix it up. Full report to come afterwards.

Since my last post I've been riding, running and just enjoying our fall weather. No snow to speak of on the ground in Rico. I really enjoy this type of fall since our winters are so long.

Here are some pictures from the past month of what's been going on in our lives. Some Moab trips and random riding and running.