Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Road Riding

I have really been behind on posting on my blog. There ins't a lot going on besides riding and working. The first 'ride' of the year will be in Sedona on March 9th with a Fat Bike Challenge in Telluride coming up on February 23rd.

I did manage a few road rides in the past two weeks. Shawn Gregory and I rode up into Mesa Verde Park which is a great ride in the winter with very little vehicle traffic. The ride is 45 miles with 4300 feet of climbing. We rode it under 3 hours from the bottom parking lot, It's worth the ride to get out there and do it. One of the premier road rides in the four corners.

I also have gotten back on the single speed cross bike for some good cross training. It's a bit light on the gearing but overall OK with a 42x18. I rode the triangle in the Cortez area which goes from Cortez to Mancos, over toward Summit Lake and to Dolores, back to Cortez. It's right at 45 miles depending where you park in town.

This week I rode the single speed cross from Rico to Cortez to pick up the Jeep which had been in the body shop. I backed into a tree and smashed the rear gate and window out in my neighborhood one dark night. At the same time they repainted the hood which and been peeling for quite some time. Looking sharp.

Also last week on my days off while in Cortex I went and got some new ink done. I've been wanting another tattoo and had one picked out for some time. With the wife's approval I pulled the trigger and inked up a forearm with a simple acronym. IWBMATTKYT. Check it out.