Thursday, June 30, 2016

Big Pine 54k

Yep, another stoopid run race in the books. After racing the Whiskey Basin first 50 plus miler back in April and the Zion Traverse,  I have kept the running thing going.

The Big Pine 54k (34 miles) was in Flagstaff and consisted of 4 laps on some dirt roads and single track. It was a great course with smooth and rocky trial combined. My IT band wasn't happy after 6 miles into the race but I hung in there to finish in 6:24 and placed 18th out of 53 finishers and a 2nd in my age category. Not too fucking bad for a cyclist! I'm taking a break now to rest my IT band and focus on some bike pack training to get ready for the Coco 250 in October.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Zion traverse

May 14th I went to Zion Park to run across the park east to west with a bunch of other crazy mother fuckers. Holly and I ran 56 miles with an extra-credit loop of 6 miles. Total time was 16 hours and about 20 minutes to run across the whole park of 56 miles. With 10,000 feet of climbing. we had to filter water three times from natural springs. 9 of us finished with two of us, Holly and I getting the most miles of 56 miles. What an epic adventure that was.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

50th Bday

No Fucks Given on my 50th. My wife Laura knocked it out of the park with this event at the Freako Casa. More details later. Here is a pic of me doing stoopid drunk shit. Fuck Yeah!!!!