Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Prescott Monstercross-CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER


On tap this weekend: a kick in the teeth!!!!
I'm in for the mega!

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Gila 100

The Gila 100: One of many rides of the Arizona Endurance Series. One of the hardest self supported rides out there. These routes are for the riders who have the grit to be out in the weeds all day, fully self supported and self sufficient. Mommy is not coming to help you.

I picked up Eugene and Josh Friday on the way down to Tiger Mine Road, where the Gila 100 finishes. We took a detour to drop water at the Freeman water cache. This is a metal box where thru hikers, riders etc can typically count on water. This is stocked by trail stewards and volunteers like me. And since we were to have a handful of riders utilizing this cache it is only fair to go stock it up. It is about a 40 mile round trip detour on a dirt road from the highway. When I raced the Arizona Trail 300 back in 2014 this water cache was critical to get through the race.

Freeman cache stocked

We arrived at the Tiger Mine trail head around 4 pm to chill out and prepare for the beating that was to take place on Saturday morning. Carlos and Ty were instrumental on getting all of us to the start line at Picket Post trail head on Saturday morning. Thank you guys.

We arrived at the start line just before 5 am after a long hour plus drive from the finish area. 10 riders in the shuttles and a few more at the start line. About 15 people total. Elliot gave a few instructions on bail out options, etc. We rolled out and the games were on.

I backed off of the guys who took off on the front. I wanted to just ride my ride and not get caught up in a pace I wouldn't be comfortable have to be out of your comfort zone when racing but this was to be a brutal ride. Ride your own ride. Finish. The route is hard. The single-track from the start is hard and uphill. It is dark and techy....ride clean and ride smart.

As we started off in the dark I looked back to see who was behind me. I was thinking Eugene was close but I saw no lights close by as I climbed up. After nearly two hours the darkness turned into grey light.....the sun was coming soon. As the sun rose the surrounding terrain lit up. Amazing. It is a beautiful area. Remote and rugged. Just amazing to be out there on a bike and seeing some true Arizona back country. Much different than Colorado back country.

As I climbed and than descended toward the Gila river the riders started to disperse.....I rode with a dude named Steve along the Gila River to the mining town of Kelvin where we watered up at a trailer park. A known neutral water stop for riders/hikers on the AZT. After a brief stop I headed back on course along with Steve and a dude named Bob up away from the Gila River to the climb that would lead us to Ripsey Wash. After 37 miles to Kelvin the next 27 miles to the Freeman Water Cache are hard long miles in the heat of the day. I had dropped Steve on the climb up Ripsey and caught up to Max and Bob taking a break at the top of the Ripsey climb. Elliot came along as well behind me. We all descended into Ripsey man-fucking-land. Hot. Unrelenting. As we navigated this area of the AZT it came down to Max and I cruising together. The Boulders section trends uphill. After many hours in the sun we arrived at the Freeman Water Cache around 3.20 pm at mile 65. We were 10 hours into our ride.  I was pretty cooked. That sun was brutal. No shade. Full exposure.

Max and I chilled out in the shade of a tree at the cache and drank a enormous amount of water. Refueled and still laughing a bit we headed back onto the course. Elliot and Bob had come into the water cache looking a bit cooked as well. Elliot wasn't laughing. No words from him. It was now 4pm and we had approximately 27 miles to ride. We knew it was going to be a knife fight to the finish. I was hoping for an 8pm finish time. Yeah, that is fucking funny.

We made quick work getting over to Bloodsucker Wash. Easy miles down hill to the big wash but we knew we had to pay for the easy miles: The Black Hills..............The Black Hills to the finish are brutal. Up, up up and more up. Drop down into a wash..........climb more...walk...drop into a wash........curse. Do it again and again.

It soon became dark and the lights came back on. Stuck in the fucking Black Hills at night is miserable. It takes twice as long. No flow. Max and I were still together....we laughed and cursed as we walked, rode and walked. Soul Crushing. I got loopy and would ask Max the same question over and over. My stomach turned sour.....I turned a bit sour. I kept looking at the GPX file but we were not getting any closer to the finish. It seemed like an eternity. More of the same....up and than one last hike a bike to the finish just to piss you off. The suffering was over......9.20pm. WOW!

Overall it was a great ride except for the last ten miles where the wheels came off the bus. I'll be back to ride this again. Damn those Black Hills.

16 hours and 20 minutes out in the weeds. 12,000 plus feet of climbing. WTF!!!! That was an ass kicking.

My rig: Kokopelli Bike Co 29er. Single speed 32x21. Thanks Kokopelli!!!! Solid. No mechanicals.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Gila 100 Next on Tap

I'm recovering my my beating at the 24 hour race last weekend and looking forward to the Gila 100 on February 26th. The Gila 100 starts at Picket Post TH and follows the Arizona Trail to Tiger Mine Road outside of Oracle. I last rode this on the AZTR 300 nearly two years ago. It will interestign toride it North to South. My goal is to finish before dark. Race starts at 5am at Picket Post TH.

Follow my SPOT tracker during the race to see my progress.…

Race details here:

I'll have a race report once the event is over.

I had a nice ride from the house yesterday to spin the legs out.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo........2016 Edition

After skipping the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo last year in 2015 I decided to give it another go. I was successful back at that race with a 4th place podium spot and the goal again was a podium spot. It was to be my 11th year at this event and 10th time solo. My best finish has been 2nd place. The competition is tough at this annual event. The big guns come out to play.

Results for all categories here:

I'll get right down to the stats: 4th place Solo Single Speeder. 15 laps, 245 miles. 18,000 feet of elevation gain. Yep, that is one ass beating of a good time in 24 hours. My moving time was over 22 hours within that 24 hour period. The race started Saturday at noon and ended Sunday at noon. Well, I stopped at 11.44 and waited to noon to check in. The rules are you have to finish after 12 noon or you will receive a DNF. Stoopid.

Podium....On the box!

I arrived at the race venue Wednesday late afternoon to secure a sweet spot on the course as this is crucial for us solo racers. This way there is no dicking around to get off course to your pit to resupply, etc. Judd from Back of the Pack Racing had gotten there a bit earlier to stake out some real estate for his clan of hooligans and kindly for me as well. Thank you fellow freak Judd.

I set up camp and chilled out for a couple days getting all the preparations done for the 24 hours. Paul Adams came down withe fellow team racer Ashley Carelock who was going to race solo as well. Paul agreed to come crew for me. Having a crew member while racing solo is so key. Two years ago when I placed 4th I was literally a one man wrecking crew; racing and resupplying myself each lap. Paul rocked th epit taking care of me with resupply each lap, hot food and overall positive energy for me to keep the wheels on the bus moving. Paul did his job as the pit crew and I had to do my job as the racer dude. We both succeeded at each respective position. The goal was a podium spot.

As race day neared with Paul and Ashley arriving at the camp the temperatures in the desert slowly rose. It was going to be a rough afternoon once the shotgun blast sounded off on Saturday at noon. The key to racing in the heat is just to slow it down a bit....easy to say. After all it is a 24 hour race

Once the race started and we made the mad dash to our bikes running in stiff ass bike shoes down a dirt road roughly a half mile the primary goal was not to get caught up in a silly crash with another bike racer. It's like the running of the bulls but much more stoopid. LOL!!! Paul was holding our bikes for us which makes it much easier. I grabbed my bike and headed out on course. I told myself to just take it easy and get to the night laps. After a couple laps I settled in trying to maintain a good pace but not overdue it in the heat. I was running two bottles these first few water and one electrolytes (Carbo Rocket). I was taking Carbo lytes as well in between laps at the pit.

Just before dark I came in putting on my helmet with the lights already on it. I use Ay Up lights for these 24 hour races. My batteries on the helmet and the handlebars last 12 hours. No need to mess with batteries during the night thus reducing any stress of recharging or switching out batteries. Paul was making me hot food for most of my night laps......Lean pockets, bean and cheese burritos, Mac and Cheese, Breakfast sandwich and Ravioli. I was also drinking a protein drink in between laps with some Coke once in a while. Other than that no other caffeine was needed. Too much caffeine can jack you up. It got me through. I had only a few Hammer Gels through out the race.I was also eating some turkey sticks and licorice out on the course. I never once felt nauseated or really tanked. I got tired around 3am but fought off the sleep demons. I had to get to the light and I would be rejuvenated.

3am......I said to Paul "its rough out there"

Once the sun rose I was a happy camper. I was bouncing around in the standing from 4th to 7th. After a morning lap or so I was back in 5th. I told myself to keep it going and get lap 15. Based on my lap times and time remaining in the race this was going to be a realization of 15 maybe 16 laps if needed. In the end 15 laps was money and a 16th lap was not needed or would not have done any good to catch 2nd or 3rd place. I was solid. Fuck I was happy when I checked in and found out I was in 4th. Time to drink some beer and stand on the podium box. It's all about being on the box.
A big thank you to Paul Adams for the super pit crew job. Definitely top pit bitch. Thank you to Kokopelli Bike and Board for all of the support. You guys all rock. And of course to my wife Laura for letting me ride my bike all I want to chase the demons out of my head.

The Kokopelli 29er titanium bike rocked. I had just put a new fork on which made it plush for the 24 hours. I ran a 32x20 go to gearing for these events.

The pit

Paul and Ashley rocking the new shirts.

Tony and Brian rocking the Freako kits.

On the box.

Charging on Sunday morning.

Ashley rocking her 4th place

My lap times: Lap NumberRider
Lap Finish Time
Home Town
Jeff Hemperley
2/13/2016 1:12:37 PM
Prescott, AZ
Jeff Hemperley
2/13/2016 2:33:46 PM
Prescott, AZ
Jeff Hemperley
2/13/2016 4:00:33 PM
Prescott, AZ
Jeff Hemperley
2/13/2016 5:29:48 PM
Prescott, AZ
Jeff Hemperley
2/13/2016 7:04:07 PM
Prescott, AZ
Jeff Hemperley
2/13/2016 8:39:16 PM
Prescott, AZ
Jeff Hemperley
2/13/2016 10:15:51 PM
Prescott, AZ
Jeff Hemperley
2/13/2016 11:52:43 PM
Prescott, AZ
Jeff Hemperley
2/14/2016 1:34:41 AM
Prescott, AZ
Jeff Hemperley
2/14/2016 3:26:14 AM
Prescott, AZ
Jeff Hemperley
2/14/2016 5:29:47 AM
Prescott, AZ
Jeff Hemperley
2/14/2016 7:18:16 AM
Prescott, AZ
Jeff Hemperley
2/14/2016 8:52:26 AM
Prescott, AZ
Jeff Hemperley
2/14/2016 10:25:01 AM
Prescott, AZ
Jeff Hemperley
2/14/2016 12:01:12 PM
Prescott, AZ

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

Next weekend will mark my 10th year at the Old Pueblo; 9 years solo......I hope I can keep my shit together to make another podium run.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Man Down!

As the year 2015 wraps up I guess it was time to pay the 'fun tax'.  While out riding the Black Canyon Trail with a couple of buddies; Ray and Eugene I went down pretty hard in a corner crashing doen on the sharp basalt rock. It's similar to lava rock. It's like riding on marbles but sharp as razors.

I wasn't feeling all that great the entire ride due to a sinus issue I have been fighting with for nearly two weeks. After about 60 miles I did start feeling better and as we turned into a fast fun single track section of the BCT I jumped out front to let it rip. I'm pretty fast downhill but as I went hot into the second corner I was down on the deck. Dick in the dirt! As soon as I hit the ground I knew I was injured to some extent. I landed on my right arm and hip with my hands on the handle bars and feet clipped in.

I performed a quick assessment taking my cycling jacket off to find my right arm with a nice gash in it. Fuck me. I got my first aid kit out as well did Ray. As soon as I got somewhat of a bandage on my bleeding arm I reached down to feel my hip..... Oh crap.... I felt a hole in my flesh. I took my Jersey off and pulled down my bib knickers to find a huge gash in my hip. Now shit was getting serious. Stay calm I told myself. Easy to say. Ha. I pulled more first aid crap out as well did Ray and I pulled the flesh together to attempt to close the wound and stop the bleeding.

With the wounds covered I called my wife Laura to tell her I had been hurt. Ray, Eugene and I conversed on the quickest way out of there...... We were closer to highway 69 than where our cars were parked down at Rock City TH. We backtracked up to a dirt road and rode down to the junction of Cordes Ranch. We saw some dudes in an ATV. We told them what was up and they offered me a ride up to the highway. They were able to strap my bike on the back and I squeezed in with the two jolly fellas. I had them drop me off at an out of business gas station where I was to wait for Laura. It seemed like an eternity waiting for her to get there. I hobbled up to the highway as I was antsy and laid along the side of the highway putting pressure on my hip wound. I wasn't ready to pass out from a loss of blood. I managed to stay calm. Going into shock was not an option.

Laura finally showed up and we made tracks to the nearest emergency room located in Prescott Valley 25 miles away. The staff at the hospital were wonderful and had me stitched up after a morphine drip. Xrays. Etc..... 20 stitches total in the arm and hip.

It could have been worse..... I've been fortunate enough to never been seriously hurt,.... Stitches and never a broken bone. Knock on wood. Be safe out there. I carry a SPOT and
various first aid items.

Here are the gory pictures Laura took. Viewer beware.