Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Escalante Days Race 2014

The Escalante Days XC Bike Race in Dolores, Colorado is held every year in conjunction with the celebration of Escalante Days. I had missed the race last year due to racing the Colorado Trail Race. The legs didn't want any business in that fun! True XC racing is hard and this race is long at over 30 miles.

The course is 30 plus miles covering almost all of the Boggy Draw trail system with the crux being the Bean Canyon climb toward the end of the race before riding the gravel road out to the pavement and back to town. The race spread out quickly after the hill climb. Kirby and Terry in my class blasted up the road and I didn't see them until the finish. I passed two Telluride single speeders in the first half mile of single track to never see them again until the finish. I was alone for awhile and had a group of geared riders pass me half way through Boggy Draw single track and I was able to get pass them when they decided to walk the off -camber cattle guard near the Bean Canyon overlook. I yelled to them "this is how a single speeder does it" and I blasted on to not see them until they finished. I didn't see any other riders the remainder of the race. My time this year has been consistent with prior years with my best time at 2:08.

I placed 3rd overall in the single speed class and 1st in my age group with a time of 2:15:20 taking home a crisp $100 bill. Thank you Dolores Rotary Club!

The 29er KBC ti bike once again did it's job and rode flawless. I ran a 32x19 gearing.

Next up is the 24 Hours in the Sage on August 23rd in Gunnison, Colorado where I will be racing solo single speed.

Monday, July 28, 2014

2014 Rico 50/100

It's time to start thinking about this ride!!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Dean Titanium Road Bike for Sale

$2999.00 OBO. Jeff 970.708.1177

Click link to see eBay listing.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Another Kokopelli Bike

Since I have two Kokopelli Bike Co rigs in the garage it was about time for Laura to get one of her own. And to boot her sister and  husband have their own as  it was a bit of peer pressure to for her to succumb to getting her a new ride. We sold a few bikes of hers to build this one and I'm positive she will love it.

The new Kokopelli Bike Co is based on the fat bike ti frame platform and we built it up with a 29er plus wheel set to start off with the summer riding. We will have a fat tire wheel set built up in the winter for the snow but for now the 29x3" Knard tires mounted on Velocity Dually hoops are the do everything setup. We even went as far to put a fat bike suspension fork farmed out from Durango Bike Co. 100mm travel!

The ti frame is complimented by ti handlebars, stem and a ti seat post. Only the best for Laura's rig. Kinda looks like mine. It is currently set up as a 2x10 with modest SRAM components. We may change it to a 1x10 down the road. XT brakes with Alligator rotors for stopping power as well. The first test ride will be a 90 miler gravel grinder this weekend.

Let the fun begin!!!

Monday, June 30, 2014

2014 Durango Dirty Century

The Durango Dirty Century is never an easy ride and this year proved it once again. My goal was to go under 13 hours but it wasn't to be. I knew my legs were tired from all of riding I have been indulging in. When It's a nice blue bird day in the San Juan's you have to get out and enjoy it. I have completed this route before on the single speed and on a true fat bike. I picked my Kokopelli 29 plus bike setup for this ride. I rode smooth and took in the views while suffering at the same time. I ended up riding with Aaron Boatman for most of the ride after leaving Hermosa Creek TH and some dude named Tony from Durango. Solid riders for sure.

The full rigid bike was rough on me especially in the last 20 miles. I ended up puncturing the front tire in the creek bed and fortunately I had my tire plugs with me and it held immediately. This was my first time to use a tire plug and I was happy with the results. And like a knucklehead I couldn't find my C02 cartridges. Cat Morrison rolled up and was kind enough to lend me hers. Thanks Cat!!! I had a hand pump but the C02 is much quicker. The tire held and I took it easy on the remainder of the course to finish at 9.30pm at the Junction Creek TH. I had also lost my two water bottles in the last section of trail. That sucks but I knew I was close to the finish and ate two gel packs to get some liquid. Cat was two minutes in front of me and was at the TH waiting. We rolled into town together just in time to order a burger and a beer and hang with other DDC finishers and laugh at what we just endured. Endurance riders are the best. I was beat.

Total time: 14 hours 22 minutes.

Blackhawk Pass

Aaron Boatman on Blachawk

Up toward Kenebec Pass
The Kokopelli rig took a beating

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June Riding

I haven't posted anything in a few weeks as not much has been going on but riding bikes. I did a photo shoot with Osprey packs recently which was cool. I should be in there 2015 publication.

No racing for me since the 12 Hours of Messy Verde but next on tap is the Durango Dirty Century this next weekend. I'm still on the fence of riding the 100 or 85 mile version. I guess I'll decide once I'm up there and need to make that decision. Just like my decision to ride the single speed or the 29 plus bike. Gears are nice and as of late I'm really liking the 29 plus bike. Otherwise my ride plans are as follows:
  • VR135 on July 13th
  • 24 Hours in the Sage August 23rd
  • Vapor Trail 125 in Salida on September 7th
  • Rico 100 September 20
  • Dolores 100 in October
  • Moab Trail Marathon November 8th

Here are some pics to enjoy from my high country riding this past month. Enjoy!

Osprey packs photo shoot at Ryman Creek.