Thursday, January 17, 2013

New CTR Kicks

Santa Clause, aka wifey, brought me some new shoes I wanted for the Colorado Trail Race. I have heard  both good and bad of these shoes. I have plenty of time to break them in and form my own opinion.

Pearl Izumi X-Alps III's.

Tour of Telluride

Wednesday this week I decided to pack up the fat bike and go ride Telluride. I don't ride there much as I love my riding around Rico but I was in need to change up the riding and go over the pass to ride. Also since I work in Telluride its hard to get in the vehicle and drive there on my days off. I'd rather ride from the house like I will do today. But in this case the snow in T-Ride was calling.

I parked at the pullout near the valley floor at HWY 145 and the spur to Telluride. I rode the snow covered single track on the valley floor into Telluride to the Bear Creek trail up to the ice fall. The trail was packed down and firm. Ideal conditions. It's only a few miles up and the ride was peaceful with no other hikers, skiers or bikers on the trail.

Bear Creek Ice fall. A beautiful spot in the winter and summer. 

After descending Bear Creek I headed into the box canyon to go ride up to Bridal Veil Falls. I was hoping to see some ice climbers but nobody was out climbing on this day. The climb up to the falls was slow going and I had to hike a lot of it due to the soft conditions.

Bridal Veil Ice Falls. 

After descending back into town I stopped by Laura's office to say hello. Her office is conveniently located right on main street. Her views are priceless from her street level picture window above her desk. After stopping for a few minutes I headed out of town to go check out Boomerang. It is a primitive dirt road that climbs from the valley floor to Mountain Village. Before I headed out of town I stopped at my sister-in-laws place of business, Aemono, where she offered me a tasty peanut butter cookie.

I finally headed out of town on the valley floor to the start of the Boomerang climb. The distance is about 1.5 miles or so up but it is literally straight up at times. The granny gear on the fat bike was sweet as I grinded away looking for the top. It didn't come fast. At the top of Boomerang I jumped on the Jurassic single track that traverses over to HWY 145 and down to Lawson Hill area and back to the freako van. It was a great ride and I could have added more to the ride but I was good for the day. 21 miles, 3106 feet of climbing and 3 hours moving time. A great ride.

Jurassic singletrack.

Back at the freako van!


For the first time in 10 years I will not be traveling to Tucson to compete in the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. There isn't any particular reason.....just not doing it. So, for the first time in a long time I have not tried to beat my self into the ground training for this race when our snow starts flying in December. It's been nice. My first race/ride will be the Fat Bike Challenge in Telluride on February 23rd, but its not a race, just a fun ride with a bunch of like minded peeps. The nest ride will be in Sedona on March 9th. I'm looking forward to getting back to Sedona, it's been about  a year since I was last down there.

This past week I have gotten on the fat bike on my days off which have been screwy lately. The sked at work is odd at times and I'm not really digging it.

Anyways, the temps dipped down into the negatives. Despite the cold I got out on the bike on last Saturday and it must have been close to -10 to -20 degrees with the wind factor. I was pretty miserable coming back down HWY 145 with the arctic wind in my face. I learned a few things on that ride.

Lizard Head Pass in less than desirable conditions.

Lizard Head Pass.....cold is an understatement. 

While on the Dunton Road (FS535) the sun came out for a few minutes. Short lived. 

Looking toward Flat Top/Barlow Creek area from Dunton Road.

When I finally arrived home from that ridiculously cold ride it took awhile for my feet and hands to get warm. I had bar mitts with two layers of gloves on and was still cold on the way back home. I had my feet covered in thick wool socks (Woolie Bullies) knee highs with my Spez Defroster winter shoes with Gator neoprene shoe covers. The toe warmers I stuck in earlier weren't working either. I was actually worried about my right foot until I finally got feeling back in it. It's hard to figure these rides out. Start with too much clothing /gear on and you sweat too much climbing and get cold on the descent.It's the game of winter riding.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

January Riding

I found the road to Dunton North of Rico off HWY 145 to be groomed this past week. The sleds have been packing down the roads but not as much as I like for the fat bike riding. This definitely changes the riding to be more enjoyable.Sweetness. Last year they had groomed Barlow Creek Road up and over to Purgatory. I'm hoping they groom that soon. The ride from Rico was 36 miles and 3200 feet of climbing in 4 hours. I hope to get out further this weekend on the same route and head on out to Groundhog Res. Looks like the knarly weather is going to hit us and the temps fall well into the negatives. Great training if you are going to ride the Iditarod or AH135.  

Awesome groomers.

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At the top at the meadows area before dropping down to Dunton Hot Springs.

Heading back up to the pass to drop back to HWY 145 from Dunton. 

Dunton Hot Springs in the background. A private retreat.

On the groomed Dunton Road.

Got out on the road bike as well after riding the fat bike for two days straight.
I am digging the new Stans tubeless road wheel set up. Alpha 340 Team version with  Hutchinson Atom tubeless tires. Super plushness from the Ti frame and full carbon fork with tubeless tires. 

Of course Nacho get a nod on the blog. He is chilling on the deck on a warm afternoon.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


A new year with my major goal being to complete the Colorado Trail Race. This year it will be ran in reverse order. Should be interesting.