Thursday, January 10, 2013

January Riding

I found the road to Dunton North of Rico off HWY 145 to be groomed this past week. The sleds have been packing down the roads but not as much as I like for the fat bike riding. This definitely changes the riding to be more enjoyable.Sweetness. Last year they had groomed Barlow Creek Road up and over to Purgatory. I'm hoping they groom that soon. The ride from Rico was 36 miles and 3200 feet of climbing in 4 hours. I hope to get out further this weekend on the same route and head on out to Groundhog Res. Looks like the knarly weather is going to hit us and the temps fall well into the negatives. Great training if you are going to ride the Iditarod or AH135.  

Awesome groomers.

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At the top at the meadows area before dropping down to Dunton Hot Springs.

Heading back up to the pass to drop back to HWY 145 from Dunton. 

Dunton Hot Springs in the background. A private retreat.

On the groomed Dunton Road.

Got out on the road bike as well after riding the fat bike for two days straight.
I am digging the new Stans tubeless road wheel set up. Alpha 340 Team version with  Hutchinson Atom tubeless tires. Super plushness from the Ti frame and full carbon fork with tubeless tires. 

Of course Nacho get a nod on the blog. He is chilling on the deck on a warm afternoon.

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