Thursday, June 30, 2016

Big Pine 54k

Yep, another stoopid run race in the books. After racing the Whiskey Basin first 50 plus miler back in April and the Zion Traverse,  I have kept the running thing going.

The Big Pine 54k (34 miles) was in Flagstaff and consisted of 4 laps on some dirt roads and single track. It was a great course with smooth and rocky trial combined. My IT band wasn't happy after 6 miles into the race but I hung in there to finish in 6:24 and placed 18th out of 53 finishers and a 2nd in my age category. Not too fucking bad for a cyclist! I'm taking a break now to rest my IT band and focus on some bike pack training to get ready for the Coco 250 in October.

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