Monday, December 9, 2013


I haven't done any real back country in the past two years except above the house in the big avalanche chute (dumb by yourself).

I got out yesterday with a few Rico peeps Dan, John and Mike. These guys are back country savvy and I was a bit hesitant to go up where we did. People die in the back country. I trusted these guys. Safety first. Beacons and all.

I sold my tele setup last year so Dan had been talking up his split board set up so I was game to try it. We skinned up for nearly three hours and than it was time to put the split board to the test of boarding deep ass powder. The board is a 166 and I could have used a bigger board. The powder was so deep! I took a couple of diggers and it was tough work digging  myself out of 3 plus feet of powder. Overall a great setup with a split board. My Northwave Vintage board boots were perfect for skinning on the split board.

Almost a 4 hour tour. It would have been faster if the guys didn't have to wait for me to dig myself out a few times. I definitely got powder schooled. The deepest powder I have boarded in for sure. Thanks guys!

Skinning up in the pow taking turns breaking trail. 

The last turns of the day. 

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