Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Trip 2013

The Thanksgiving holiday weekend was spent down at McDowell Park in Arizona. It was a great long weekend of riding and soaking in the sun. If you have never ridden down there it's a must. Lots of riding in McDowell and nearby Browns Ranch. Enjoy the pics! 

Cave Creek's very own Flat Iron Bike Shop owner, Kosmo.

A great ride with Shawn Gregory...60 miles.

Rex was down in AZ as well and saw him out on the road bike when Shawn and I were making our way to Cave Creek.

The camp spot.

Awesome desert.

Sunset's were amazing.

Shawn Gregory's backyard where we enjoyed some late night fires.

Horse damage. Really!!

Laura on the Krampus.

Laura posing with the biggie.

Balanced Rock in Browns Ranch.

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