Sunday, April 5, 2009


The WRIAD didn't work out as planned. The weather took a turn for the worse and I awoke at Horse thief Campground to find it had snowed quite a bit. So after some breakfast at the Moab Diner, Stephen Barnes, Shawn and I decided to ride Slickrock. Planned it perfect as it started to dump snow as soon as we finished up the ride. It was unfortunate for Dan from Boulder and his Primal Quest partner, Stacey, from Golden had made the drive to Moab to ride this as a training ride.

The dust cloud outside of Dove Creek on Friday evening as I head to Moab.

Saturday morning at 6am. SNOW!!! Dangit.

Highway 313 at Mineral Bottom Road.

Mineral Bottom Road parking area. Looks like some folks were out on the White Rim for a multi day trip. They were probably miserable out there.

The Colorado River.

Shawn stopping for a peek at the views.

Moab from above on Slickrock trail.

Stephen all happy after he rode and ran on Slickrock. Here comes more snow.