Thursday, April 23, 2009

Family Time in New Mexico

Went out to Grants, New Mexico this past weekend to visit my Dad; who was back in the states visiting from Iraq. It was great to see my aunts,. my uncle and of course my dear grandpa. Did some riding on the road up towards Mt. Taylor on Saturday morning and Jerry and I hit some sweet single track on Sunday in the McGaffey Lake area. It was a chance to get my first tracks on the new 29er Vassago frame. It rode great. I was also able to hit Phil's World in Cortez on Sunday night on my way back to Rico. It was a weekend full of fun.

Jerry putting the hurt on himself riding his 29er Surly single.

What the hell is that varmit?????


Me showing Jerry how to roll a log.

Jerry looking cool over the log.

McGaffey Lake.

Grandpa's house in Grants. Built around 1955.

A new friend of mine that ran behind me on the way to Mt. Taylor. He knocked out around 6 miles on the climb. Cool dog.

Grandpa enjoying two of Aunt Sheri's dogs.

My Dad, Uncle Skip and my aunt Billie enjoying some talking time.

Jerry and Dad having fun.


Lloyd said...

Hey Freko,
I recon that animal is a Abert's squirrel. Next time your around McGaffy lake stop by our cabin and have a beer after your ride or even better ride with us. We are in Cabin 34. Its the closest one to the campground and the only one with a shinny metal roof. Maybe well see another Abert's!

thedurangokid said...

We should catch that squirrel and water-board that F$*cker like he was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and find out what he really knows! said...

Dude, after all that hustle to get the Vassago ready for D2D this is your first chance to ride it. Guess there wasn't such a rush after all.

BTW, I think you answered your own question, it's a "Varmint". The only question after that is "How many to make a meal?" and "What kind of hot-sauce?"

Big Dave said...

That's a lot of water in the lake.

I recon there was snow on Mt. Taylor? That's an awesome ride...especially coming down the switchbacks in the bowl.

Jeff Hemperley said...

I love all the comments. Lloyd for sure a beer after a great ride on those trails.