Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday-Easter Day Apparently

After the fiasco of going to Gallup and driving back without being able to race the 12 hours I had planned due to the weather I was able to get out on Sunday and do something. I went out and ran 5 miles in the 30 degree weather with a head wind of 25+ mph on the way back up from Scotch Creek. Than I rode from Rico to Cortez with some elements of rain, snow and wind. Not so bad of a day. Better than being stuck inside.

On the run.

Frosty morning after some snow overnight.

Look at my cool kit!!!

Shawn Gregory's business in Cortez.

Back roads of Cortez.

Awesome day all be it the high winds.

I thought I lost my Indian artifact somewhere!!!

The cool-ass SS cross bike.


Matt said...

Nice way to salvage a weird weekend! said...

Good time hanging out Jeff, too bad didn't get to spin any wheels. I had to get drug up the last hill by a backhoe to get out. Check out this video I got of a minivan being assisted by a horse: