Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stoner Mesa

Went over to the West Fork and rode Stoner Mesa on Friday. As the turkey flies it is within close proximity of Rico but just have never ridden it for whatever reason. I could actually start in Rico and ride up and connect to it. The total loop is 29 miles. 8 miles of climbing on a good graded fire road, 13 miles of single track and another 8 miles of pavement back to the truck. A total of 2580 feet of climbing. It took me a total of 3 hours to ride it including stops to hurl trees and I had some slippage on the rear wheel for whatever reason and had to tighten the rear skewer a few times. The trail hasn't been cleared by the Forest Service yet as I had to climb over about 20 trees. The trail is in rough condition presently but will get more buffed out with more use.
The start of the 13 miles of single track after climbing 8 miles and 1800 feet up a graded road.

My camera must have had some condensation from being in my back pocket. IT looks like I'm out in the fog but was actually clear.

The West Dolores River at the bottom of the single track. Now just 8 miles of pavement to the the truck.

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