Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Went down to Albuquerque with intentions of riding the SYDC but mother nature wasn't cooperating. Too muddy to ride the route so Lenny and I went on a 100 mile single speed cross bike ride. It was a great ride.
The drive out of Bloomfield on Friday.
Albuquerque skies. Not so bad but out out at White Mesa it was snow capped.

Lenny rolling down 550 on our way to the turn to Jemez Dam.

Jemez Dam with lots of water flowing from the rain and snow.

The rigs. Lenny's is the obnoxious yellow one.

Interstate 25.


Lenny at our turnaround at the end of the pavement in Placitas.

Went to Phil's World in Cortez on the way back on Sunday and it was perfect. 22 miles of sweet singletrack. Had just missed Laura, Sophia and Mike who had ridden earlier in the day.

One happy camper.


Claudia Goodell said...

Who's the girl with Lenny that was riding that baby blue bike?

Jeff Hemperley said...

You are not funny!!!