Monday, September 14, 2009

Vapor Trail

Well, went to Salida with every intention to finish this year but instead with the weather looking grim I chose to not start the race. They did shorten the race from 125 to 108. Which took out some substantial climbing/hike-a-bike. And once my mind was made the body followed and I didn't have it in me to go out into the nasty weather. 19 finished and 19 dropped from the race. The weather did finally clear around 2 or 3am and was nice for the remainder of the race. Check out results here:
Matt Turgeon and I carpooled and he had the mental fortitude to start the race and finish in 6th place overall on the single speed. Maybe I should have raced. Next year.

For this upcoming weekend the SSWC are kicking off in Durango and also a 12 hour mountain bike race in Delta. I may be in for the 12 hour race just to have a nice long training ride rather than join the circus in D-Town. Decision time.

Congrats to the tough guys who braved the Vapor Trail in the cold and rain!!!!


Matt said...

Be there next year and shred the course!

Anonymous said...