Sunday, October 18, 2009

Zuni 100

It was a great weekend for a race in the Zuni's outside of Gallup, NM. One of my local riding fanatics, T.R. from Montrose made the trek with me for this one. 8 of us lined up at 7am to race the 100. I think 5 single speeders and a few geared guys. As soon as we started into the first section of single track I knew how this was going to pan out. Cameron on the geared FS was going to take 1st overall unless he had a major incident (which he didn't) and me next on the single without incident. And that's how it ended up; 2 of us finishing the total 100; 1 gear, 1 single speeder. I thought Lenny was going to hold strong with me but dropped off of my pace as I was running a 32x19 which was a great call for this course. Mentally it is a tough course. After you finish the first 50 you have to go backwards on what you just rode so you know exactly what pain is coming; and painful it is. I went lightweight with three bottles for each 50 miles and a food bag on the top tube. No need for a camel back on this race. I ended up drinking only 4 bottles for the 100 miles. I was well hydrated going into the race. My time was 9 hours and 42 minutes which is great considering I had 11 hours 5 minutes two years ago on this course. The course has changed but I think it is harder and longer than the 2007 course.
T.R. raced the 50 mile and kicked butt with an approximate top 5 overall and 1st on the single speed. This may change when Lenny has finalized the final standings.
This was a great way to end the race season.

After finishing.....I was still smiling. What a long day for sure by myself on the 2nd half.


ojulius said...

Awesome work at the race!!

Matt said...

Great work!

Sandblogger said...

4 bottles in 10 hours! I'd have been shriveled up in a pile. Did your weather hold out this weekend?