Sunday, February 28, 2010


It was a great trip with Laura out to Tucson and for the 24 HIOP. I didn't do well again but we had a great time seeing old friends and riding in the warm desert.

The rig.

Salt River Gorge.

Race clothing ready.

24 Hour Town.

Me on one of my first laps.

Mike Hileman.

My Ti Airborne rig. New Stan 355's laced to my Kings for the race.

Dean, Kiviok, Myself and Lenny before the Le mans start.

The crazy Le man's start. Helter Skelter.

Shawn getting ready.

The Hemperley setup.

Sunset in the Arizona desert.

Chowing some food before the race.

Joe Baumgarte, his bro Tim from Oregon and Tim's buddies from Oregon as well; John and Christian.

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Joe B said...

Nice post. Too bad you're not gonna make the Red Rock 1/2 marathon. You riding the Whiskey? Good to see you and Laura again. Good times. Joe