Wednesday, August 25, 2010

24 Hours in the Sage

Another beat down. I managed to complete 12 laps at the 24 Hours in the Sage which was still good enough for a 5th place in the solo single speed class. My goal was much higher than the 12 laps completed but after lap 10 at 1.30am I decided to shut it down and take the remainder of the night off the bike. I went from feeling like superman to complete dead legs. My night riding was not fluid and I was frustrated. I thought I was taking it easy early on but I guess I wasn't. Shawn Gregory won the single speed solo class with 17 laps. That's one tough effort. The course was great and the temperatures pretty good overall. A bit hot on the back side of the course when the wind was at our backs in the afternoon. Overall a good weekend. Next time........................I've been saying that a lot lately at these 24 hour gigs. I need to turn this ship in the right direction one day. Lot's of racing coming up in September and October.

The top three single speeders.

Me, Shawn, and Paul Adams.

Getting ready for the crazy start Mitch puts together. We ran all of 10 yards to fetch our bikes before heading out onto the course.

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