Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More Driving than Riding Weekend

We spent more time driving than riding this past weekend which wasn't my ideal weekend but Laura was determined  to go ride Hartman Rocks in Gunnison before she races duo in the 24 Hours in the Sage next month with Dani Gregory. Okie dokie. The weather was a bit warm for the dawgs so we only stayed one night and beat feet back to Rico. We had fun grilling and hanging out with Dave the owner of the KOA on Saturday night.
Monday, Laura and I went for a hike with the bikes up Circle Trail and made a loop of it connecting with the Colorado Trail. It was not Laura's ideal ride with the 4 miles off and on the bike on the Circle Trail. It is high country and hiking is called for sometimes. LOL!!! She should know better by now to not trust me when picking routes. We were gone for about 5 hours and we beat the rain back home. A great day spent with the wife.

The next beating is this weekend: Mega Friggin Sneffels Loop. One of the coveted rides in the Colorado Endurance Series. Come out and play.

KOA campground in Gunnison.

Hot air balloons overhead.

The ti rigs.

Laura's Ti 29erbike. 23.2 lbs 2x9 gear setup.

Going for a hike-a-bike up Circle Trail on Monday. All of my gear is on the bike. No pack needed on my back.

Laura in the wildflowers on Circle trail.

The lunar moon bowl atop Circle Trail.

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