Monday, November 14, 2011

Fat Biking

I haven't posted in a while due to just being busy with the new job at the Sheriffs office working 12 hour shifts and riding the new Mukluk. The fat bike is a game changer for a single speeder mountain biker like myself. It is heavy and has gears. I've learned to use the gears even though I do tend to ride it like a single speed as I tend to stand a lot. It will keep me sane in the winter as I will not need to ride the trainer as much and get out in the elements with the fat tires. Let the fun begin.

Moab is a great place for a fat bike.

I think I can float across this obstacle.

It rained a bunch in Moab and saw water runoff like Ive never seen it before.


Night ride after work on the Ilium Road near Telluride.

The Bar Mitts are great for the cold and keep the hands toasty while wearing light weight winter gloves.

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