Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sand Canyon

Went South to ride dry singletrack on Tuesday with Paul and Kiviok out at Sand Canyon located about a dozen miles West of Cortez. It was the maiden voyage for the the new Salsa Selma Ti single speed and Sand Canyon is a great testing ground for it with the gnarly techy sections and rocky terrain. I was not disappointed with the bike as it performed great. We attempted several attempts at a few tech features trying to hone in the skills. I took a few falls due to my left cleat sticking at inopportune times. I think the shoe tread is/was the issue and I took the Dremel to the tread when I got home.

The weather was super ideal for a late December ride which typically would have snow on the ground. No jacket needed. The snow fall has been lack luster thus far but it will come in time. Maybe I will get a chance to use the new snow plow soon.

Kiviok cleaning the 301 feature.

Kiv makes it look easy.

Paul showing his skills.

Paul rethinking which line to take on the 301.

Killer Kiviok dabbing.

Me getting after it until I fell.

The left cleat was sticking so I couldn't get out of my pedal in time.

When in doubt carry the damn bike.

Uh...left foot problem again. Damn!

Me dropping in!

Killer at work.

Fun rock sections.

Kiv sitting on a cactus.

Me showing the boys how to ride.

The new ride. It was sweet........

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