Monday, July 2, 2012

Bike Packing to Crested Butte.......

I had five days off this weekend so Laura wanted to go to Crested Butte to see Shawn and Dani who are there for two weeks and she suggested I ride to CB. Great idea! Training ride!!! I packed up her Salsa Fargo (It has gears.....2x10) with my Revelate bike packing gear and set out Thursday morning with plans to get close to Blue Mesa Lake by nightfall. I ended up pedaling 107 miles on Thursday and arrived in Cimmaron at 8pm. The head winds out of Montrose put the hurt on me and I was happy to crest Cerro Summit with daylight still left to find a camping spot. I spent the night along a creek after having a nice hot shower at a camp ground in Cimmaron and a cold beer. Sweet. 

I took my time getting up on Friday morning and set out with a climb up to Blue Mesa Summit and made my way into Gunnison arriving around 12.30pm. It was getting hot and humid. I ate some lunch and set out to Crested Butte with the sun beating sown on me something fierce. I finally arrived in Crested Butte around 4ish after battling some headwinds for 28 miles and settled down in the town park enjoying some Gatorade and trail mix. I happened to see Eszter Horanyi in the park who had just finished the Great Divide Race the day before and we chatted for an hour or so while I waited for Laura to show up. 

I had pedaled 180 miles to Crested Butte  with some mountain biking to be had on Saturday. Sweet times!

A nice cold beer after 107 miles.

Blue Mesa Lake.

180 miles finished and 9800 feet of climbing from Rico. 

Crested Butte town park chatting with Eszter Horanyi.

Deer Creek with the girls.

Deer Creek.

Laura having fun on Deer Creek.

Hanging with Ester and Chris at the Brick Oven on Friday nite. Congrats to Ester for  a superb ride on GDR.

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