Monday, November 19, 2012

Just out Ridiing

Since the Zuni 100 race in October which turned out to be a Zuni 50 for me I haven't done any racing and have been just enjoying riding. Of late that riding has been on the new Salsa Mukluk 2. I had the Salsa Mukluk 2 from last year but it was a bit small and now it is Laura's bike.I went to a medium frame and it fits me perfect. Two other people in the hood have gotten fat bikes as well in the past week; Mike Guskea and Sophia (Laura's sister) They went with the Surly Necromancer. They are sweet bikes but the parts aren't as upgraded as the Mukkie 2. So now it is nice to have some other peeps to ride the fat bikes on in the area. The fat bikes have been fun on the dirt as well. They are really an all year bike. So much fun. I recently took 7 days off and spent that time in Moab with the in-laws and with Laura as well a few days by myself with Shady. Work has been good and now I return to the night shift working weekends for a month or so. I really hate night shift and I really hate shift work but the job is good for the most part. One year into the deputy gig and its been an experience.

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks.

One of many arches in Devils Garden.

Delicate Arch

Devils Garden. I ran the 7 mile loop checking out the arches.

Petroglyphs near Delicate Arch.

klondike Bluffs

Shady chilling.

Marching Men in the background on my sand loop in Arches PArk.

7-Up trail en route to Mag 7 trails.

Camping on Willow Springs Road.

Guskea on Sovereign trail

Landscape Arch in Devils Garden.

Nacho stalking us at the camp near Klondike Bluffs.

Balance Rock in Arches Park.

Double O arch in Devils GArden.

Newspaper Rock south of Moab.

Sophia in Sand Canyon on the her new Surly fat bike.

My new Salsa Mukluk.

Barlow Road.

Locals Loop in Rico.

Guskea on locals loop in Rico on his new Surly.

Sand Canyon. 

Sophia dropping down in Sand Canyon.

My new rig in Sand Canyon. Great fat biking terrain. I also converted the wheels to tubeless so this was the maiden voyage. Held perfect.

Laura and Sophia having a great day. 

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Clay said...

Hey Jeff,

I'm not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but I'm glad I did. We met not this past summer but the one before. I was living in Telluride and tried the MFSL. Then I did the Dolores xc race and hung out with you guys a bit.

Well anyway, I'm living in Estes Park now and learning the trails in a totally different part of CO.

I was wondering. How exactly did you manage tubeless on the Mukluk?

take it easy,