Saturday, December 15, 2012

Moab in December

I had some days off during the week so I headed to Moab before the upcoming storm rolled into the San Juans. Paul Adams joined in as well. We camped on Willow Springs Road at one of our usual spots.

I brought the Selma single speed but the fat bike won out for two days of riding. The first day we rode from camp over to HWY 313 to ride 7UP to Mag 7 trails. We decided to ride a loop out to Gemini Bridges road and back on the Sovereign ATV trail to our camp on Willow Springs Road. 36 miles.We saw some desert sheep as well on the way out of Gemini Bridges Road.

The second day we rode a loop I had ridden last month. We rode from camp and headed into Arches National Park. It was 7 miles in from camp and we took a left turn onto some sweet sandy 4x4 road heading toward the Marching Men of Klondike Bluffs that was 10 miles in length. We than headed up a knar climb that was literally straigh up and over to Salt Valley Road. After a short stint on Salt Valley Road we turned left to Baby Steps/Klondike Bluffs area. We humped it up the knarly climb and down to UFO. On our way to UFO we saw a trophy size buck. UFO is one of many new trails in the Klondike Bluffs area. After UFO we turned left onto Little Salty down to Dino and back to Copper Ridge Road. We took a left on a huge wash on Dalton Wells Road that led us back to Willow Springs Road and to camp. A great loop with lots of options to make it a longer ride. 37 miles for this ride.

Mag 7 trail head.

Paul's view from his back door of his camper.

Paul on Great Escape. 

Mag 7 trail head after 9 miles on 7 UP.

Bull Canyon.
Desert Sheep on Gemini Bridges Road.

Dino tracks on Willow Springs Road before the Arches Nat Park boundary.

Paul pointing to a sign.

Paul pointing to the upcoming sand climb.

Paul!!! Look sand!!!

Paul climbing on the slickeeee rock.


Baby Steps climb out from Salt Valley Road.

Yep, sand.

One hell of a climb.

Paul pointing at another sign. Lots of signs out here.

Paul climbing up, up and more up.

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