Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 2014!!!

Well, it's the new year..................and thoughts of doing epic shit is on my mind. I'm thinking of racing the Arizona Trail Race in April....... the 300 mile version. The 750 mile version sounds intriguing but that's a big one to tackle. But the first racing of the year happens down in Tucson in February for the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. It will be my 9th time flying solo. In 2004 I was on a winning 4 person single speed team. Wow, ten years ago we crushed it and I have been riding solo since than at this venue.

To ring in the new year Laura and I went out for a fat bike ride. Blue bird day in the San Juan's. Down the highway from Rico to Scotch Creek. The snowshoe hikers and skiers have been stomping around in there and had it packed down nicely. We rode up a few miles before it got dicey with little traffic beating down the trail. We had a furious head wind greeting us for the ride back to Rico. Still a great time out with the wife. Happy New Year!! Do epic shit!!!

I also dialed in the new van with one set of bike trays and a basket on Monday. I don't think I really need both sets of full racks like on the old Freako van. I took the bike trays that were on the subbie, cleaned off the old decals with a heat gun and made them look new. Most of the time the bikes go inside which makes it way convenient and much faster to load/unload. I still have the Rhino awning from the old van too and if I need to use it. I can add another cross bar to attach the awning. I may change my mind and add the other rack set. I am also going to attempt to adhere to the two sticker rule that our friend Jay in Las Vegas adheres too and has been trying for years for me to conform to that rule. I'll give it a go!!!! But stickers are cool! Especially anything that has to do with bikes!


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Death Rider said...

hey man, been following you for a little wile now, looks like you have a lot of fun. like the new van too...I'm a van guy as well. as far as the stickers go....let em fly, you can't have enough. My rule is they only go on the windows if they are outside, inside...where ever there is bare metal. later D Rider