Friday, April 25, 2014

Post AZT 300 Relaxing

After the AZT 300 was finished Laura and I hung out one more day at our Picket Post camp spot where she had been camped three days hanging out with the dawg pack in the Wolf Pup. We headed out on Tuesday and spent a nite outside Pine where the riding was pretty much non-existent but great Ponderosa terrain and headed over to Sedona for a nite and a hotel room. We only stayed one night moving onto Mormon Lake to check out the Arizona Trail in that area. We saw a few of the AZT 750 racers come through as well. It is a nice place to camp with not much activity. There was some hilljacks in ATV's but relatively quiet. Lot's of camping area to be had. We went back home with two days to spare on our vacation to clean up and wind down form that long road trip. So much fun. Back to Moab this weekend to meet some friends from Cali.

Enjoy some pictures of our trip.

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