Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June Riding

I haven't posted anything in a few weeks as not much has been going on but riding bikes. I did a photo shoot with Osprey packs recently which was cool. I should be in there 2015 publication.

No racing for me since the 12 Hours of Messy Verde but next on tap is the Durango Dirty Century this next weekend. I'm still on the fence of riding the 100 or 85 mile version. I guess I'll decide once I'm up there and need to make that decision. Just like my decision to ride the single speed or the 29 plus bike. Gears are nice and as of late I'm really liking the 29 plus bike. Otherwise my ride plans are as follows:
  • VR135 on July 13th
  • 24 Hours in the Sage August 23rd
  • Vapor Trail 125 in Salida on September 7th
  • Rico 100 September 20
  • Dolores 100 in October
  • Moab Trail Marathon November 8th

Here are some pics to enjoy from my high country riding this past month. Enjoy!

Osprey packs photo shoot at Ryman Creek.

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