Friday, July 11, 2014

Another Kokopelli Bike

Since I have two Kokopelli Bike Co rigs in the garage it was about time for Laura to get one of her own. And to boot her sister and  husband have their own as  it was a bit of peer pressure to for her to succumb to getting her a new ride. We sold a few bikes of hers to build this one and I'm positive she will love it.

The new Kokopelli Bike Co is based on the fat bike ti frame platform and we built it up with a 29er plus wheel set to start off with the summer riding. We will have a fat tire wheel set built up in the winter for the snow but for now the 29x3" Knard tires mounted on Velocity Dually hoops are the do everything setup. We even went as far to put a fat bike suspension fork farmed out from Durango Bike Co. 100mm travel!

The ti frame is complimented by ti handlebars, stem and a ti seat post. Only the best for Laura's rig. Kinda looks like mine. It is currently set up as a 2x10 with modest SRAM components. We may change it to a 1x10 down the road. XT brakes with Alligator rotors for stopping power as well. The first test ride will be a 90 miler gravel grinder this weekend.

Let the fun begin!!!

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wheels too big 4 you