Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Rico 50/100 2014

This will be short and to the point. It was probably the best weather we have ever had at this event. A perfect late summer day just days away from the first day of Fall. The Rico Endurance Ride was another success with all 18 riders getting back in safely to civilization. Of the 18 riders 14 were official finishers with 4 "almost finishing". Either way I think everyone had a great time. I had some great sponsors donating awesome schwag items. Hammer, Carborocket, Road ID and Kokopelli Bike and Board donating a shit ton of cool stuff. Along with Opsrey Packs giving the 100 miler winner; Shawn Gregory and the 50 miler winner; John Malloy a free Osprey pack. Thanks Chris Horton!

The 50 miler included 7000 feet of climbing and the 100 miler about 14,000 feet of climbing. The 50 miler was good enough for me as I had just completed the Vapor Trail 125 two weeks prior. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. HA!

Newbies to the event had a chance to enjoy the descent down Bear Creek which is like being in a pinball machine. Good times. Dana Ernst from Flagstaff had some choice words for me after he finished up the 50 miler on his single speed. LOL!!!

The 2014 Edition of the RICO 50/100 is in the books. Perfect, perfect, perfect weather!!!! Thanks to everyone that came out to play in the San Juan’s. 

100 Miler Results: (14000 feet elevation gain)
1.Shawn Gregory 11:11 (new course record)
2.Michael Grajeda 11:45
3.Alex Hardt 17:02 (SS)

50 Miler Results (7001 feel elevation gain)
1.John Malloy 7:01
2.Dana Ernst 7:15 (SS)
3.Jeff Hemperley 7:45 (29+ bike full rigid KBC)
4.Paul Adams 7:59 (29+ bike KBC)
5.Pete Eschallier 8:00 (29+ bike Krampus)
6.Billy Chapook 8:10 (29+ bike full rigid Krampus)
7.Darrell Finlayson 8:12
8.Estaban Roberts 8:13
9.Zane Nelson 10:23
10.Tony Cimaglio 10:36
11.Carol Gerber 10:55

Almost finishers:
Anne Hilleman (bailed down Hillside Drive)
Nolan Hilleman (bailed down Hillside Drive)
Kelly Ryan (Bailed down Hillside Drive)
Rex Robichaux 32 miles on a 5" fatty bike

Enjoy the pics we took:

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Dana Ernst said...

Great race/ride! I've already forgotten how miserable I was during the last 10 miles;) I'll be back next year.