Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A New Year a New Adventure

2014 was a great year on many levels. I had a great year racing bikes. Here are my highlights:

  • 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo-4th place solo single speed
  • Arizona Trail Race 300 finisher: 2 days 21 hours. 2nd place single speeder. 
  • 12 Hours of Mesa Verde-4th solo single speed
  • Vapor Trail 125 finisher- single spped (4th time to finish)
  • Moab Marathon trail run: 5 hours 23 minutes. 

Now that 2015 is here Laura and I are onto a new adventure. We are relocating to Prescott, AZ. Laura has accepted the position of Human Resources Director for the Town of Chino Valley. We put an offer on a home in Prescott and are going through the process of getting that deal completed. We need to sell the house in Rico. I will stay behind to deal with that while Laura gets to go down to start her new job and enjoy the awesome weather that Prescott has to offer. We always talked about going to that area and Laura's career will make it happen. 

Here are some pics of me riding in Prescott the last two weekends. I'm over the long winters in Rico. 

And hopefully this tiny house on an acre lot will be ours in the next month. And of course there is a trail head within a half mile of the house. Location, location, location!!!!

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The Padre said...

Best of luck on the move!! Happy to see the elevation photo of over 6,000ft because I do believe your dog isn't tired of LONG winters. Score on the house & the trailhead. Keep posting photos & stay strong!!! Cheers From Another Western Sloper