Wednesday, September 14, 2016

RIP Shady 9.12.2016

Sadly, our sweet Shady has moved on to the Rainbow Bridge. She was with Laura and I for over 8 years. She has had a progressive severe case of arthritis in all of her joints that started about three years ago. She was at the point where she could no longer walk under her own power. She used to be so active and could run all day with us on bike rides, trail runs and cross country skiing in the San Juan's of Colorado.

Shady came into our lives after I took her from a tile contractor on a job site I was working on in Telluride, CO. He was moving out of state and needed to get rid of her. Our luck. I was a trim carpenter for Telluride Woodworks at the time. I took her home and we have spoiled her since that day in April of 2008. 

We will miss you dearly Shady. You now can run free without any pain, without any boundaries. You came into our lives for a reason. You have left an everlasting mark. We will never forget you. You will always be by our sides. Right next to Nacho, Miller and Roxy cat.

Shady loved camping. She was able to enjoy two camping trips this past two weekends.

Run free Shady!!!!!!!! Run!!!!!!


The Padre said...

Two pets recently from your family tree. Damn. I do agree with you that you spoiled Shady ( ALL OF YOUR FURY FRIENDS ) for almost a full decade. Well Done.

Stay Strong & Thanx 4 Being You

Jeff Hemperley said...

Thanks my friend! It's rough.

Jeff Hemperley said...

Thanks my friend! It's rough.