Sunday, November 30, 2008


Vacation was a blast for Laura and me. We draggged along our three dogs as well and everything worked out fine. The truck was packed to the gills with four bikes, camping gear (we never used it) and three dogs. I was able to ride seven days straight in three different states. Sedona, Nevada and Utah. We rode msot of the trails in Las Vegas, Nevada which included Bootleg Canyon, Blue Diamond and Cottonwood Valley. About 20 of us traveled to Utah to ride Gooseberry Mesa as well on the day after Thanksgiving and ride the Hurricane Rim trail, which most of us had never done before. I'm always hell bent to ride Gooseberry and have never bothered to check out this trail. It was worth it. 22 miles with 2100 feet of climbing. A perfect ride to throw in before you ride Gooseberry in the same day.


Mitch said...

great pics! great rides!

Matt said...


Chuck and Keevin look so sweet together as twins.

Where's Rick?

Need the Vegas beta for x-mas - got a wedding there on the 23rd.