Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall in Moab

That time of year when the snow starts to fly in the high country to get out to other localities to ride. And one place for us is less than 3 hours away; MOAB. Laura and I went out to Moab the weekend of October 24th and camped out on Willow Springs Road located North of Moab and rode the Sovereign and Brand trails. The weather was perfect as far as riding weather goes; around 65-70 degrees and just above freezing at night. The Sovereign trails are a blast to ride. If you haven't ridden these trails it is a must to get out to Moab and ride this stuff. You can start right in Moab and ride the bike path out to the Brand trails into the Copper Ridge Jeep Route and right into the Sovereign trail system. Sovereign is best ridden counter clockwise but any way you slice it is is fun. The best map is the Latitude 40 Moab West version. And the trails are well marked.

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