Wednesday, January 27, 2010

PCH Road Ride

After the hard effort on Saturday in Temecula for the 12 hour race it was time for a nice and easy 50 miler down the PCH from Huntington Beach to Laguna and back with Keevo and Heidi. Roadies were everywhere. And with the recent week long rain fest I'm sure everyone was itching to hit the road in SoCal.

And after our 3 hour road ride it was time for an easy 30 minute run in the local park near Keevo's house. It wasn't so easy. Thanks you two!

Laguna Beach.

Keevo and Heidi enjoying our Sunday cruiser down the PCH.

Keevo checking out the views.

It was nice to see the beach.

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ojulius said...

I love riding the PCH. Thanks for the cool photos! :) Bet you're sad to have to go back to cold Rico.