Monday, June 21, 2010

24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest

The 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest mountain bike race took place this past weekend in the Zuni Mountains outside of Gallup and it was a very successful 1st year with 230+ racers. I was swayed into doing a 4 person single speed team and we took the overall of all teams with 19 laps. The Colvita Team would have taken us if it wasn't for Keith Ashmore breaking his frame on their 18th lap. The team consisted of myself (BWR), Lenny Goodell (BWR), Dan Durland and Cameron Brenneman whom was the fast guy for us. We all had a great time out there. The weather was pretty much as close to perfect for a 24 hour race. I felt like I could have rode a few minutes faster each lap but didn't seem to have the spark in the legs like I should have. I still rode solid and had a great time rocking around the course.

A big congrats to Fran Bach who took 1st in the solo single speed class. He was pitted next to us and he gave it a big effort. Despite some vision issues and neck issues he kept it rocking the entire race. That is one tough dude.

Dan going out first.

Cameron looking ready to rock his first lap.

Lenny eager to get it going.

The Big Wheel Racing camp.

Lenny and Cam having an awkward transition.

Text book transition of the Chile. (the Chile had the timing chip attached to it)

Some crazies going after the beer in the pond.

Me pondering about something.

Dan looking cool as always.

Me passing the Chile timer to Dan.

Cam working on the bike.

Dan getting after it.

Me posing in the camp.

Hanging out waiting for the transition.

Another text book transition between Lenny and I.

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