Thursday, June 24, 2010


I finally had the chance to get up and ride Blackhawk Pass on Wednesday. My flex day off worked out perfect midweek for a high county ride. I had sent Shawn a message early in the morning bragging that I was going to ride Blackhawk and before you knew it the phone was ringing @ 7:15am and he was in for the ride and Kiviok was in as well. Awesome, I was planning on a solo assault and now had a group of three to battle the Blackhawk. We rolled out of Rico at about 10.30am and up Barlow Creek Road to Bolam Pass/Hermosa Peak area and jumped on the Colorado Trail. Barlow Creek Road is a tough one for those of you that know it. I was rolling on the 32x21 full rigid Vassago and the 21 seemed nice but Shawn was turning the 32x22 a bit easier. The legs were still a bit tired from the weekends racing effort. As we made our way to Blackhawk we encountered a few downed trees and some snow banks still blocking the trail. All-in-all it was a great ride with beautiful sunny weather. Kiviok had a scary face plant coming down Blackhawk as a rocked flipped up and his front tire stopped him like he had a brick wall. Thankfully he was OK and we continued to roll and make our way to Scotch Creek and back to Rico. 33 miles and 4500 feet of climbing. Not a bad day on the bike.

Shawn and Kiv atop the Barlow Creek Road where it intersects with Bolam Pass. Sheep Mountain in the background.
Hermosa Peak at the Colorado Trail.

Looking from Beach Peak to the Circle Trail which drops down into Rico.

Views, views and more views.

Kiv descending on the CT.

Atop Blackhawk Pass toward Lizard Head far in the distance.

Kiv climbing up to the pass of Blackhawk.

Kiv having a fun day on the bike.

Me atop Blackhawk. What a great day. Life is good.

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