Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Winter Time

Got out yesterday afternoon on my day off for a winter time ride. The temperatures were hovering around 32 degrees at 3.30pm. Soon the only cycling available will be on the road when it is not too snowy or traveling elsewhere to ride. I need to embrace the thoughts of getting on the snowshoes, xc skis and tele's.

My picture quality on my blog hasn't been great of late (well never really has been) due to using the Blackberry cam most of the time as I have been too lazy to grab the real camera.

Also Laura and I went back to Moab this past weekend for a few days with the dogs and had a blast as usual. 38 miles on Saturday and 20 miles on Sunday. Our neighbors, Sue and Mike from Rico were there as well with some friends and we all had a chance to ride both days together. Super fun with lots of laughs around the campfire and many beers to boot.
Also received the new White Brothers front suspension forks from Matt so I spent Friday afternoon in the Moab desert cutting steering tubes to mount the new forks. Laura loves the feel of the 100mm fork on her Ti FS Titus. I already had a WB 80mm Magic on my Ti 29er Airborne but a fresh new one is hard to beat. These boys rocked right out of the box with not a better place to test them but on the Sovereign Trails in Moab. Nice job on White Brothers producing a fantastic product.

The light was fading fast. 4.30pm and it seemed like 8pm at night.

At the overlook above Rico. Some new fencing was put up lately to block people from going up this mining road. I suppose I'm not bothering too much by just riding the road so I just climbed on over and kept pedaling. No laws broken if nobody saw me. Right!?!

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