Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest-The Results

Jeff And Paul of Kokopelli Bike and Board Racing Team on the wooden box!!!
The end result: 2nd place overall in the solo single speed class. 13 laps, 208 miles and over 14,000 feet of climbing. Kokopelli Bike and Board Racing ended up with two on the podium; Paul Adams in third place. Nice job!!
It was a battle royal throughout the night and into the morning. I was in 2nd place by only a few minutes at times behind teammate Kiviok Hight until he dropped out with a mechanical on his Trek just before the halfway point. I just smiled and motored out without eating or drinking any food as I saw the opportunity to gain some time on Kiviok if he did manage to get back out on course which wasn't the case in the end. Bummer for him. Around lap 9 or so Jeff Wood got around me and I was chasing the whole time. After I completed lap 10 at 4am I was in rough shape and had to try to calm my nauseous stomach down by eating some solid food and drinking a Coke. It was hard to choke down the food but I forced myself so I could get myself going again. It took awhile and I was back on the bike after chilling for two hours which didn't cost me any placing as my teammate Paul Adams had to chill out for a bit as well and we ended up going out together on our 11th lap. This was 2nd and 3rd place going out together. Game on!! Toward the end of the 11th lap Paul had dropped off into his own pace as I kept on the gas and I came into the pits fired up. I needed to close out the race still with two more laps and with the sun shining my energy was renewed. I was feeling great on my 12th and 13th lap with some good lap times but not enough to close in on the eventual winner Jeff Wood (2 hour down time cost me). Teammate Paul Adams kept it going as well to maintain a firm secure grasp on 3rd place with 13 laps to boot. Paul and I were pretty consistent with the lap times with the exception of the down time. Awesome job by the Kokopelli Bike and Board Racing Team!

My flat lander buddy Keevin Blue from Huntington Beach, California impressed all by taking the overall in the solo geared class with 13 laps. He beat up on the local boys while racing on a spanking shiny new 29er Specialized carbon rig. His first ride on the new bike as well as his first time on a 29er and killed it. Just awesome Keevin!!! Congrats!!!

Also a big congrats to the Back of the Pack crew for hanging in there as well to finish with some great laps.

Myself, Jeff Wood and Paul Adams on the podium.

Keevin Blue and Lenny Goodell post race fun.

Enjoying the after affect.

The 2nd place mug.

The pit.

The private after party away from the race venue. The wind drove us to a new location for Sunday night. Paul Adams, myself and Laura, Dan and Kara Dirtland and Keevin Blue. Kathryn Grohusky and crew ended up up in the same spot as well.

Paul enjoying the post-ride relaxing.

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