Monday, June 13, 2011

Stoner Mesa/Bean Canyon Riding

A great weekend of riding in Bean Canyon and the ever popular Stoner Mesa loop. Not huge miles but enough to feel it after accumulating 122 miles between Monday and Thursday. No ride Friday after work so Laura and I got out to the new restaurant in Rico; Dew South. The food was good and it is nice to have a place to go eat out when the craving arises. As well the Enterprise bar is open again after a long winter hiatus.

Laura and I ran errands for a majority of the day Saturday in Cortez and finally made it up to Shawn's house to park at our exclusive trail head parking area. Shawn has a nice secret route to the Boggy/Bean trail system from his property. By coincidence Killviok was right behind us so we rode together. Laura went out for her own 20 mile ride as Killviok and I rode Bean Canyon first and than did a loop on the Maverick trail. The trails are in prime condition. Hard, hard packed. We racked up 22 miles and 1800 feet of climbing. By the time we were done riding it was well past dinner time so we decided to stop at the Dolores Brew Pub before driving home. Shawn and family joined us as well and we enjoyed some great food and a beer each. We still had the 35 mile drive home. It made for a long day but that's what you do when you live in a remote town like Rico.

Sunday was to be a ride on the Stoner Mesa trail.  Paul Adams and Killviok of Kokopelli Bike and Board Racing Team joined in and we met up at 9am. We park at the lower Stoner Mesa TH and ride the 8 miles of pavement up and turn right on the dirt rode and ride that another 7 miles up to the trail head. This is a great training ride loop. Than it is 12 miles of pretty rough single track with a wicked switchback rough descent at the end. All of the trees are cut out so there is no tree hopping at all. On my full rigid single speed it was a good beating riding the rough cattle beaten trail with lots of roots and tree limbs to boot. The ride is a solid 2.5 hours of pedaling time and we stopped to take pictures and chat. 27 miles.

After I got home Sunday I took the dogs for a hike just south of Rico. They certainly enjoy the mountains. Lots of creeks for them to enjoy and waddle in. Another good weekend in the books.

Next weekend will be the beatdown in the 24 hours in the Enchanted Forest.

Bushwhacking through a huge Ponderosa on Bean Canyon

McPhee Lake Overlook

Stoner Mesa TH

Paul cranking through the skunk weeds

A small lake on the Stoner Mesa trail

Killviok negotiating a tight turn.

Lucy with her stick.

Enjoying my walk with the dogs Sunday afternoon.

Nacho enjoying the wild.


Shawn Gregory said...

Is the some hidden message behind the the misspelling of Kiv's name?

Jeff Hemperley said...

Shawn, yes, I just came up with his new nickname of Kill-viok. He will kill you in a ride or he will kill himself trying to kill you. LOL!!!