Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vapor Trail 125 on Tap

That time of year again. The Vapor Trail 125.

Check out the website for the Vapor Trail 125: http://www.vaportrail125.com/

Follow all of the racers on Trackleders.com starting at 10pm on Saturday September 10th in Salida, Colorado as we navigate 125 miles/20,000 feet of climbing on some of Colorado's finest single track.

And if you use trackleaders.com in any fashion please donate to keep free tracking available for all of us racers and spectators. Click on the "donate" button to contribute. Thank you.

SPOT GPS messengers allow us to be tracked in near real time as the race progresses. If you spend any time at all in the back country a SPOT could save your hide. I just upgraded to the SPOT 2 which is smaller and lighter than my SPOT 1 which happens to be for sale.

SPOT 2 GPS Messenger


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