Sunday, September 4, 2011

Biikepacking Fun

The bike setup.

Some call it bike packing while others call it bike camping. Nonetheless it is the same concept; load the bike with gear and peddle somewhere and camp. Get up in the morning and peddle some more. Some do it for days, weeks or months. We did it this time for one night. Laura, Paul Adams and I left Rico at 6.30pm on Friday and arrived back in Rico early afternoon on Saturday. We peddled over to the Burrro Bridge campground where we made camp and made some cup-o-soup and drank a bit of alcohol we hauled with us. I packed in two PBR's while Laura and Paul packed in some hard alcohol. I was excited to try out my new alcohol stove made by Westwind that runs on any alcohol including everclear. Recommended is the denatured alcohol which works the best from what I read (less soot). It worked flawlessly. The stove is small and compact with it burning alcohol which isn't as flammable as most stove fuels. Eco friendly. The new Stoic 30 degree sleeping bags were just awesome; lightweight at 1.6 lbs with 800 down fill. Laura and I were both warm with the morning temps at around 35 or so. We used the Medical Adventure Kits lightweight bivvy's that weigh in at 8 ounces with the only drawback that they keep in the moisture. Otherwise a great combo and lightweight for bike packing. It was my first run with the Revelate bike packing bags to boot. The seat pod and handle sling/pocket were very nice. The less weight on your back the better. Overall the ride was great, not too long or not to short. 38 miles and 5k of climbing. This was Laura's first forray into the bike packing realm and she really enjoyed it. Bike packing changes up the rountine biking. Sure, you have to buy more stuff but it is really worth it. I'm really focused on getting my gear dialed in and being ready for the Colorado Trail Race next summer. It is my new obsession I guess we can call it. Also on tap will be a bike packing Kokopelli Trail overnighter. Maybe September 17th or 24th. Anybody in?

Going that way!

Laura on the Dunton road.

The bivvy setup. Laura nice and warm.

Awesome views.

Time for some hike-a-bike on the West Fork.

On the Calico where it meets Horse Creek.

Paul getting after it on the Horse Creek single track.

Paul enjoying the flowers and scenery.

Where the f*&^%$#@ singletrack go??!!!!

Burger and beers at the Enterprise in Rico.


ssportsman said...

Nice looking kit! Em and I have some great bikepacking trips since gearing up last year. The revelate gear is awesome, and it is impressive (and inspiring) how well the bikes ride while loaded with gear. Much nicer than carrying the gear on your back, on panniers, or pulling a trailer..

next year's adventures... bikepacking with an infant :) I wonder if Eric has a pack for that....

Jeff Hemperley said...

Thanks Scott! With only using the Revelate gear once now I am sold. The more gear on the bike the better. I may use one of the bags for the VT125 this weekend so I'm not carrying a pack on my back.